This DVD series presents live clinical scenarios that demonstrate how to do family nursing in actual practice.

  1. How to Do a 15 Minute (or Less) Family Interview
  2. Calgary Family Assessment Model: How to Apply in Clinical Practice
  3. Family Nursing Interviewing Skills: How to Engage, Assess, Intervene, and Terminate with Families
  4. How to Intervene with Families with Health Concerns
  5. How to Use Questions in Family Interviewing
  6. Common Errors in Family Interviewing: How to Avoid & Correct
  7. How to Interview Families of the Elderly: Tips and Microskills
  8. How to Interview an Individual to Gain a Family Perspective: A Clinical Demonstration

These DVD's are a perfect accompaniment to Wright and Leahey’s highly acclaimed award winning text, Nurses and Families: A Guide to Family Assessment and Intervention.

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You can increase your clinical skills with families!   Here are the resources you need to provide competent and compassionate care. To enhance teaching and practice, Drs.
Wright & Leahey provide:

  • DVDs
  • Streaming Video
  • Books
  • Genograph

Illness is a family affair!  These resources provide you with specific clinical examples and demonstrations of "how to" translate your knowledge into effective clinical practice.

Drs. Wright and Leahey share why they made these clinical DVD demonstrations.

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